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Debug Diagnostic Test post Card PCI double 2 LED port


Convert a device to other interface

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Debug Card PCI Ports / 2+2 Codes & 7 pin LED

Brand: OEM (Made in Taiwan)
Ports:PCI Port
Display:2 codes
Parts:Debug Card, Manuel, USB Cable
Condition: New
Warranty:Doa 30days
Payment:Paypal or other method

Debug Card PCI Port / 2 + 2 Led
Check the hardware in minutes
Pinpoint problems you don't even know you have
Easy installation with no need to open the computer case to use
Does no harm to the device while insert into the wrong slot of the main board
Designed to work on desktop computers through the PCI port (for power)

Interface Type: 25 pin male printer connecter
7 LED indicator: KEY, +5V
Hexadecimal character display
2 keys for codes PREV /NEXT
Compiant BIOS: PHOENIX BIOS4.01~6.01, AMIBIOS 6.24, AWARD BIOS 4.51


商品番号 ADCD-20111213102606
商品の商品 Generic
モデル番号 該当無し
アダプタタイプ Debug Card
インターフェース 該当無し
次元 該当無し
貨物の状況 ニュー未使用
UPC 該当無し



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