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Talking Mini For Kids Walkie Talkie Dual Band Radio Walkie Talkie Transceiver Intercom Yellow


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Talking Mini For Kids Walkie Talkie Dual Band Radio (Pair)


Long Range Mini Walkie Talkies with strong 2km clear signal range. This ergonomically designed pair of powerful walkie talkies, also known as handheld transceivers or 2-way radios, enable you to communicate with your partner up to 2 kilometers away. Instead of relying on a cellphone, these walkie-talkies are a practical alternative for both business and personal use such as keeping in touch in busy, crowded places such as trade fairs in large conference centers and vacation parks like Disneyland. Easy to use, these radio walkie talkies are also ideal for safety use when camping where cellular phone signals are not available.

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20 Channels MiniTwintalker/Walkie Talkie Set with 38 CTCSS Codes, Backlit LCD Screen,

 Up to 3km Range,1 Pair, 2-Way Radio

Powerful walkie talkies with a range of up to 2KM
Rugged design
Mini size
Channels selectable
2 x Walkie Talkies
Working Channel Auto Scanning
Calling ringer tone selectable: 10 kinds of calling ringer tone
Channel locking
38 CTCSS code seletable for much clear and private communication
Button tone on/off
Roger beep tone on/off after releasing PTT button

Backlit display shows: RX icon/TX icon; Volume level indicator; keypad lock indicator; battery 

level indicator; VOX indicator; Scanning indication; Channel indicator; CTCSS indicator

Buttons: Power on/off button; Call button; PTT button; Down button; Up button; MENU button;

 Monitor botton

Ports: Mic/Speaker for external VOX Earpiece and Microphone
Speaker volume up/down adjusting
Low power mode to extend battery life ensuring cost-effective operation
Belt clip to secure attachment of each walkie talkie handset
Sub-code: CTCSS 38
Frequency: 400-470MHz (option)
Range: Up to 2 Km (Open field)
Battery: 3AAA (not included)
Transmission Power: ≦ 500mA ERP
Modulation Type: FM - F3E
Channel spacing: 12.5/25kHz
Duo charger adapter: output: 7.0 V DC/350mA


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